• on December 26, 2017

On The Second Day Of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas, our True Love gave to us…

…two Intercessors. To intercede means to intervene on another’s behalf. When someone is interceding for us, it means that they are entreating someone to be favorable or helpful to us. In the religious context, intercession means to pray. We have Two interceding on our behalf. First, Jesus is currently and constantly interceding on our behalf (Hebrews 7:24-25). This seems to be something He loves to do. Second, the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf when praying is difficult (Romans 8:26-27). Even when I don’t know what to pray or don’t think that I can pray, He does. Jesus and the Spirit intercede for us. In other words, we have two members of the Trinity praying for us. This is truly a gift.

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