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We exist to be a witness to the glory and character of Christ in all we do and say. Christ calls us to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth. The world needs to know God. For us, this means displaying our reliance in His faithfulness, right here in Billings, MT. We should be showing all who are watching that Christ is worthy of our allegiance and trust and that He alone is the source of life, both now and forever.
We exist to be a family in which our relationship with God and others is driven by faith, hope and love. The world needs to see what was originally intended in Eden and what is coming, because of Christ. The Church, as a family, is this display. We work hard to be a family. We hope that everyone in need of a family can find a home with us.
We exist to be a temple for God’s glory in which believers can worship Christ without distraction or judgment. The world needs to worship God. The Church is that group of people in which He is worshipped. We are God’s building and His handiwork. We hope that all who come in sincerity can worship Christ, as the Spirit of Christ leads them to.
We exist to be community where the presence of God is evidenced in our humility and submission. The world needs to know love. They will know that we are Christ’s because of our love for one another. The church’s primary work of being a witness for Christ is done by edifying each other, primarily through submitting to one another and putting others interests and opinions ahead of our own. We hope that this sense of community around Christ is experienced by all who come into our midst.
We exist to be a context in which the inquirer, curious, and skeptical feel encouraged to question our belief in God and faith in Christ, without sensing a defensive and offensive posture and attitude from us. The world needs to be able to engage the Bible in an honest, thought-provoking way. We should be able to give a thoughtful and reasoned response for the hope that lies within us. We hope that they experience nothing but our confidence in God, faith in Christ and love for others.
We exist to be a sanctuary for Christians who have been hurt by past religious experiences. We fully understand that religion calling itself christian is full of abusive narcissists and gaslighters. People need a place to heal and be comforted by the Christ who is the God of all comfort. We hope that people dealing with these traumatic experiences will find a place sanctuary, healing and renewal in our midst.
We exist to be a gathering where all believers are edified, inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Regardless of whether an individual is brand-new to faith in Christ or an experienced battle tested veteran, everyone needs to be challenged to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. We hope to be a gathering in which everyone is regularly challenged to faith in Christ and being continually made grateful for all that He is.
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