Our Desire

There is no greater news than the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we go about our daily lives, we want every thought, word, and deed to be motivated and moderated by this good news. May every area of life be captivated and informed by the gospel and may we be ever bold to proclaim the gospel and demonstrate it through love and good works.
Jesus Christ is the final authority for faith and life, and it is in His word that He is revealed. Knowing and understanding God’s word relies on help from God, as well as maximizing our opportunities to learn and talk about the scriptures at the corporate, community and individual levels.
The life of the Christian ought to be one marked by active repentance and faith. As we grow in our knowledge of the gospel we must go beyond listening and respond in faith. We have been redeemed and restored to live lives characterized by righteousness and justice.
Biblical community is the result of the gospel and is a life of specific purpose where we foster relationships in order to love and serve each other in such a way that the world may know that we are Jesus’ disciples. We fully realize that it is in Christian community where things can get messy and uncomfortable as we live lives of honesty & transparency.
As we grow in our faith, the focus of what we do shifts from meeting our needs to meeting the needs of others as we proclaim and demonstrate the gospel. Acts of service are grounded in love and desire to see others reconciled to God. We fully realize that we could believe everything, give everything and do everything, but if we don’t have love, we in fact have done nothing.
We recognize that we can give the appearance of living out a form of Christianity without anything actually occurring. But what we desire is authenticity, not appearance. Prayer is the only way that any of our desires are going to be genuinely lived out, as we confess to God, our inabilities and needs, in a spirit of humility.
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