• on December 4, 2017

We Lost Jesus! – Advent Day 4

We lost Jesus…AGAIN! Where’s Jesus? Everyone look for Jesus! We can’t find Jesus.

Spend any time with us in our home during Advent, and you will no doubt hear any one of the above, multiple times. We lose Jesus every day, no exceptions. But, don’t worry. We always find him. Sometimes he’s in the Christmas Tree. Sometimes he’s under the couch. Sometimes he has found his way to the toy box.

In fact, even now as I write this, he’s missing. But the kids are pretty sure he’s somewhere in the Christmas tree.

The entire family becomes a big search party looking high and low, far and wide, searching to the ends of the house for Jesus. We keep looking till we find him. The searching is usually accompanied with at least one recitation about finding him, if we search for him with all our hearts.

The Jesus I’m referring to is the ceramic Baby Jesus figurine from the Nativity set we have displayed in our dining room.

(Of course, I don’t feel too bad. Joseph and Mary lost the real Jesus, when He was 12.)

We always find him. We have to find him. It’s not a nativity set if he’s not there. Without him, it’s just an odd assortment of misfits in a barn, with at least three of them looking way overdressed for a party. With the exception of Mary, the nativity can be missing most of the other characters and still communicate the idea. But you can’t lose Jesus. Its just not the same if he’s not there. He’s sort of the point.

I feel like there are times in my life where I have lost Jesus. I have all the characters. I have wise men, shepherds, and cattle. I even have Mary and Joseph and little lambs. I have the whole religious, Christian thing. Just, no Jesus.

If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you search for Me with all your heart.

I know from a theoretical/theological perspective, that I have never lost Jesus. I fully understand and agree with eternal security and all that. I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I get all of that. I’m talking about losing focus. Losing perspective. Even losing desire and drive at times.

I read of David’s desire and hunger (Psalm 63) and, at times, I just cannot relate at all. I can open my Bible and kneel in prayer and … nothing. Nothing, but nothing.

These times are well described by St. John of the Cross, in his classic work The Dark Night of the Soul, when he writes, “…the greatest affliction of the sorrowful soul in this state is the thought that God has abandoned it, of which it has no doubt…it is like a person being suffocated or hindered from breathing.”

But I keep looking for Christ until I find Him.

I know. I know. I know, my dear reformed brethren…I didn’t find Him. He found me. I get it. True. I’m just speaking as a man experiencing human things.

If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you search for Me with all your heart. His words, not mine. So, I keeping looking. Again, and again, I look. And without fail, just like our little nativity Jesus, I find Him.

We can lose focus on Christ. We can feel like we are wandering around in the darkness looking for Him. Or, sometimes, not looking for Him, just wandering around.

However, far from being a major problem, I think this time can be a rich opportunity for spiritual and internal growth and maturation, if we embrace it. I think this is the humbling of the soul, the purifying of the soul. The soul that is not lost can never know the incredible joy of finding. But we must keep looking.

“I found Jesus!” This exclamation typically concludes our daily search for Baby Jesus. “There you are!” is what I sigh when I find the real Jesus.

This Advent season, are you looking for Jesus? If you seek Him, you will find Him, if you search with all your heart.

Like the Greeks of John 12:21-22, do you say, “We want to see Jesus.”?

Honestly look for Jesus. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

J. Mauger

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