• on December 28, 2017

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas, our True Love gave to us…

…the four Gospels. The four Gospels allow us to see Jesus the way we would carefully look at the different facets of a beautiful diamond. They each present unique aspects of Jesus’ reconciling ministry. They employ diverse story-telling styles to convey the events and teachings that they think will help them paint their picture of Jesus and His Gospel. Matthew places emphasis on the King and His Kingdom in stark contrast to the present kingdoms of this life. Mark presents the foibles and flaws of Jesus’ Disciples in the context of Jesus’ Servant ministry. Luke paints a poetic, sociological portrait (often from the peasant’s viewpoint) of Jesus’ Gospel in the midst of a rebellious and broken humanity. John seems to utilize the entire scope of the Old Testament to present a massive, awe-inspiring, Love-centered Gospel with cosmic ramifications. Four Gospels presenting One Way. These four are gifts of God to us.

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